All Natural Stone offers free photography of recent installations for both homeowner and professional clients. Here are some guidelines regarding the use of any photos that All Natural Stone takes.

  • The client agrees to allow All Natural Stone the right to use photographs of installations in All Natural Stone promotional materials including social media, its Website, magazine advertisements, and other marketing materials it produces. 
  • ANS agrees to allow a homeowner or professional client the right to use photographs of installations on social media, websites, magazines, advertising materials.
  • All Natural Stone grants a non-exclusive, perpetual license to the client to use any photos taken. 
  • All Natural Stone remains the sole owner of any photographs it takes. 
  • The client must include a photography credit or copyright notice naming All Natural Stone with any use. All Natural Stone will include a designer and other professional credits when requested. 
  • The client agrees not to use photos in any unlawful manner or alter the photos in any way. 
  • The photos cannot be used by a homeowner or All Natural Stone professional client in order to promote products for resale. 

A Photography Usage Contract must be signed by All Natural Stone and the Client prior to the photographs being taken. 

If you are interested in having photos taken, please contact us at