General Information

Production Lead Time: 

ANS Manufacturing will schedule most orders to be ready for pick up within 5 business days of our receiving the tile. See “Additional Time Needed” for exceptions to the 5 day production lead time.  Once your order has been completed, we will notify you.

Additional Time Needed: 

Please allow an additional 3- 5 business days for chiseled edge/ tumbled edge orders. For any very large orders, we will let you know if we require additional time to complete your order.  Allow up to 4 weeks for us to complete waterjet mosaics.  This extra time will be needed for programming your design, for cutting the tile on the water jet, and for assembling your mosaic.

Rush Orders: 

ANS Manufacturing may charge a “Rush Order” fee of a minimum of $125.00. Call to schedule a Rush Order. We will inform you if the fee is required. In the event ANS Manufacturing cannot complete your Rush Order by the agreed-upon completion date, your order will not be charged the Rush Order fee.

Minimum Lot Charge: 

ANS Manufacturing will charge a Minimum Lot Charge of $85.00. This Minimum Lot Charge is to cover the cost of very small orders for: Order processing, machine set-up and production run, post-production operations and packaging. A typical very small order will take a minimum of one hour to process from start-to-finish.

Incoming Tile Inspection:

We will inspect all incoming tile for damage prior to starting your order. In the event we find a tile that is broken, cracked, chipped, scratched, or contains flaws in factory workmanship, we will alert you as quickly as possible, so replacement tile can be ordered. Photos of the damage will be sent to you upon request.

Overage Requirements:

Your order will typically require a 10%- 20% overage of supplied tile. Please call for more information on overage requirements. Some shapes like Hexagons, Chevrons, Diamonds, Rhomboids, and Water Jet Mosaics may require up to 40% overage.

Custom Mesh Mounted Mosaics:

Custom mesh mounted mosaics shown on our price list are assembled to approximately one square foot, depending on the mosaic pattern. Listed prices are per individual mosaic patterns, and are typically slightly larger or smaller than one square foot.

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Office phone: 669-223-7226

Hours of Operation