Soapstone communicates a naturally welcoming aesthetic. Being non-porous, it cleans up with mild soap and a sponge or dish rag. This is a very sanitary countertop, and a good choice for those who enjoy cooking with fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Even though soapstone is one of the softest stones only ranking a 1 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it density and resistance to staining makes it great for countertops. Like leather, soapstone gains character over the years without diminishing the quality of the material.

Black Soapstone 3cm

Grey Soapstone

* Natural stone, like nature, has its own distinct characteristics inherent to natural products.  Variations in color, pattern, texture and size are to be expected.  Final products are not always an exact match to samples and images, since they are quarried at different times from varying locations.