Limestone is the quintessential example of rugged sophistication. It’s a sedimentary rock which forms at the bottom of the ocean over millions of years. Limestone consists primarily of calcium carbonate. It can have a magnificent display of fossils visible within the stone however this is not very common. Limestone is not a hard stone and has a Mohs rating around 3 and 4 (out of 10) compared to granite which ranks around a 6. Limestone is great multi-functional stone that you can use around your fireplace or outside around your patio to host your guests.



Jurassic Brown


Pierre Blue


Striato Elegante

* Natural stone, like nature, has its own distinct characteristics inherent to natural products.  Variations in color, pattern, texture and size are to be expected.  Final products are not always an exact match to samples and images, since they are quarried at different times from varying locations.